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What's something to self learn for ChemE/EE in 3 months

  1. Dec 10, 2014 #1
    So I'm interested in studying Electrical Engineering/ Chemical Engineering and I will soon have 3 months of free time before going to the university.

    What could I self learn online that will give maximum help and boost for me if I want to go Chem E? What about EE?

    I think the 3 months will be a great chance to make the tough ride for an engineering degree a little bit easier and I want to do all the work I can do during these months to support myself and propel myself a little bit to make the tough ride a little ( or alot? ) easier.

    An inspiration that made me want to do this is the guy "Scott H Young" who did a "MIT Challenge" where he self studied the whole MIT computer science curriculum in 1 year... Maybe it's BS, but there's a chance he actually did that.

    And if he could study the whole thing in 1 year, I can probably get some use out of 3 months of free time.
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    I'm no help on the ChemE question, but for EE, one of the best things you could do is read this book from cover-to-cover: The Art of Electronics by Horowitz and Hill


    If you can get a used copy for not too much money, I think you will get a lot out of it, and you can refer back to it in your intro EE classes at university as well. If you have access to a technical/school library, take a look at it in the library to see if it is about the right level for you.
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    It never hurts to learn a little programming.
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    Ah yes, Horowitz and Hill. The book every physicist reads and then thinks they're an expert in electronics. :)

    Truth be told, if you can only read one book in electronics, that's probably the best one. But beware, that book is a big-time hubris generator.
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