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What's the General Solution to This IVP?

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    [itex]\frac {dy}{dt} = y^3 + t^2, y(0) = 0[/itex]

    My teacher said this IVP couldn't be expressed in terms of functions we commonly know. I was wondering what the general solution is?

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    For solving this
    It is a bernoulli form
    Watch this video and you will get it how to solve
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    ##\frac {dy}{dt} = y^3 + t^2, y(0) = 0## is not of the form ##y' + f(t)y = g(t)y^n## so it is not the Bernoulli equation.
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    Yes it's not Bernoulli form, sorry. I not know how to solve it, but Wolframalpha was showing the simple answer x=1 for y=0.
    I don't know how it solved that.
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