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Whats the History of the Integral?

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    For some reason I thought it would be easy to find but i'm trying to find a history of the integral. I'm not really looking for Wikipedia because I know that anyone with a computer can go and change the content so i'm not sure how true it is. Does anyone know of a good source I can look at? Thanks.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Use the following search terms:

    "history of integration"
    "history of calculus"
    You will get hits for college courses on the subject.

    You can compare with wikipedia if you like - it tends to be pretty good on things that are well established and lots of people are interested in it. You should always check the primary sources though - especially if you want the information for more than personal curiosity.
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    Many historians credit Archimedes in the 3rd century BCE with the discovery of the basic concepts of integration. However, Archimedes did not have the mathematical toolset to develop fully-realized integral calculus. That had to wait for the twin terrors of Newton and Leibnitz. I think you may find this series especially fascinating:

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    This looks like a god watch. I will look at it after my finals are over and I have the time to watch the whole thing.
    Looks a little like Richard Feynman in the picture.
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