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What's the recoil energy in optical lattice?

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    Will anyone give me an explanation helping me understanding it?
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    Welcome to Physics Forums.

    The recoil energy is p2/2m, where p=h/λ is the momentum of a lattice photon and m is the mass of an atom or ion trapped in the lattice.

    The recoil energy is the kinetic energy an atom (or ion) would have after emitting a photon, if initially at rest.
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    Recoil energy E=Mv2/2=p2/(2M)=Ep2/(2Mc2)=([tex]\hbar[/tex]k)2/(2M).
    M=mass of something (nucleus, atom, ion, etc), which emits photons.
    v=recoil velocity due to emission of photons.
    Ep= Energy of the emitted photons.
    c=velocity of light in vacuum.
    k=wave vector.
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    I see, Thanks a lot
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    It helps
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