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What's your opinion of MOOCs? Have you taken any MOOC?

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    So, MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course.

    There're several sites that provide MOOCs, such as coursera.org, edx, udacity, etc.

    Have you taken any MOOC? Did you learn anything worthwhile?

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    I have a certain disdain for such things, since they do not help qualitatively, if they do, for very little. It also depends on what kind of a course it is. It just might be old-school speaking, I prefer to be there - see and hear the instructor not through a liquid display and a headset.

    Though, I am also lazy. Leaving the house puts me in a different setting versus just swinging back and forth behind the computer blasting some loud music, eating chips and drinking soda, occasionally doing something productive :D In a lecture hall or any classroom for that matter, there is no such luxury, there are rules to abide by.

    I tried taking something called (rough translation) Career planning, an e-course. Needless to say, I quit, simply because it does not make me want to engage.
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    Doug Huffman

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    I have tried two MOOC's in maths, an advanced refresher and then a basic start over. Neither was a satisfying experience. I don't differentiate the two in my recollection. The instructor/organizers eventually admitted their lack of experience. The student populations were huge, about 100,000. I volunteered as TA and organized a study group that I tried to define so narrowly as to have a very limited attraction. It grew to 700 members and I threw in the towel.

    They may be seen as merely marketing tools for instructors' textbooks and "syllabuses" (them's scare-quotes).

    I occasionally enjoy on line/streaming lectures; ATM, Leonard Susskind and Lee Smolin. I find such as TEDx glib, shallow and unsatisfying.
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    They're pretty good, just not enough offered in the higher level math/physics areas.
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    i had been participating in khan academy (which i believe is a MOOC, ive never heard of the terminology before) unfortunately it isnt very advanced. MIT however offers Opencourseware which is really top grade as far as a free education goes. (it even contains graduate level video lectures)
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