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Programs When are PhD student stipends disbursed

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    Hi everyone,

    I plan on entering a PhD program in the fall (just took the GRE, awaiting score before really narrowing in on schools). I have a question on usually when the schools award you stipends. I have a budget that will just barely get me to August, when Ill need to move and get an apartment (probably) in a different city. With my current bank account, I dont have enough money for the move, down payment, etc. So, is it common place that schools give you some money up front for moving costs?

    Would really appreciate some input :)
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    No, schools usually don't cover moving costs. The stipends are usually treated as a monthly or twice monthly pay check, so you might have up to two months after you get there before you start getting paid. Often it's a matter of getting the paperwork in the system, so try to contact the school and get started with that before you move to have a shorter wait time if possible.
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    Thanks for the reply. Looks like Ill need to adjust my budget.
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