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Testing When is a good time to take GRE exams?

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    I've only taken my introductory physics courses so far. I haven't even begun thermal physics, junior level mechanics, senior level quantum mechanics or my senior thesis project yet. Which material do you think is generally covered on the physics exam the most.
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    I'm not US, so I don't really know what GRE means.
    I assume it doesn't stand for General RElativity :smile:
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    ^^ Then you won't be able to go to U.S. graduate schools.

    @ Benzoate, most people take their Physics GREs in October of their senior year. Most of the stuff covered is from freshman and sophomore-level courses so if you study a lot, you could do it Oct, Nov, or Apr in your junior year. Unlike the general GRE, it is only offered those three times a year.
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    So most of the material is covered from my first 3 introductory freshman physics courses and not my junior or senior level physics classes that are heavily math based physics courses.
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    No, you definitely have junior level courses.

    QM and E&M are junior level. Thermal and Modern tend to be sophomore. Mathematical physics is sophomore level in my school.

    But QM and E&M are pretty significant. You can't skimp out on those.

    Here's a list of stuff for the GRE's:


    Most people I know won't know all of that by the time they take the GRE's, but they will have seen MOST of it.
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