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Medical When should I use my glasses/lenses

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    I have -1.50. Some optics say that I should always wear glasses/lenses, while others say that I should take them off when I read. Who is right?
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    -1.5 is mild shortsighted so you should be able to read without them.
    With them off you will have better contrast, especially if they are dirty or you are using a computer screen.
    But if you are anything like me you will break them more by taking them off.

    It won't make any difference to your eyes.
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    Go with whatever is most comfortable for you when you read. If taking them off makes it easier to read, take them off. If leaving them off makes things look a bit blurry and you start getting headaches or have trouble seeing the text, put them back on.
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    OK, so there isn't a chance that I'll be more short sightened if I read with them?
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    No; I have the same prescription. Just use them when needed or when you need to look nerdy for that one girl in the library.
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