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When tissue gets wet,it becomes weak

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    That is if a tissue paper is wet,it is easier for us to "separate" into many small portions than in dry condition does.
    Sorry for my poor english,i don't know how to express it well, but i hope it is understandable.
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    it is dilution process per say!! water helping breaking organic/inorganic compounds.
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    Tissue paper is a bunch of fibers held together by a glue like substance.
    Water dissolves this glue somewhat. So it rips easier
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    Paper is mostly cellulose. Cellulose molecules are held together by hydrogen bonding. When you add water, some of these bonds are broken, as cellulose starts bonding with water instead of the other cellulose molecules. That means wet molecules of cellulose are easier to separate. It is not only a matter of paper or tissues, dry wood is stronger than the wet one for the same reason.
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