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When we look at cosmic web images, what do we see?

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    Looking at images of the cosmic web, I would have expected the view to change the older the galaxies are. I understand homogeneous nature of the universe however, I thought it would have been as viewed in the same time reference.

    Basically the universe is homogeneous with respect to time not across time.

    So what are these images showing the universe at 13+ billion years or something else?

    google search
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    Actually its showing a computer simulation, essentially its redshift data, large scale structure formation data etc


    if you click on each image, there is a corresponding link to the page its originally posted on. LOL some of the articles don't bother reading though


    the last link has some of the simulation details and some of the redshift simulation details as per different stages of evolution

    here is the paper on it


    if I recall it took 512 processors, could be off its been awhile since I last read the article, saved a copy in my archives
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