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When we start writing the futurewhat jobs will we have?

  1. Jun 20, 2009 #1
    A little funky title but I couldn't help but word it that way. Anyway I was thinking still have time to make up my mind between going for a physics Ph.D or Engineering B.S. So i figured i could go still for for guidance and hopefully ask some questions that others havn't asked that may intrigue them.

    For the optimistic of us it's coming to seem that most of our wildest dreams are even plausible. Now wildest dreams was a bit of an exaggeration but anyway. I'm not going to lie in the fact that I LOVE Scifi. and It's partly to blame for my interest in physics and engineering. But as I come to watch some things I think would and engineer have done that or a physicist? Or I play starcraft and think.. who made the defence matrix..and engineer or physicist?
    ( please dont think my whole interest in physics and engineering is based of these things = P ..I enjoy the rigourus math and learning ha 2 for 1)

    But now here's the real question I have in mind.. is there such thing as Energy engineers? Is there research on manipulating energy ( thats possible?) ..kinda like genetic engineers.. is that vague? =/

    These seem like questions to ask in physics forum instead of career guidance but I think it has more to do with my future career =] Sorry if this whole post is weird
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    There are energy engineers, but most probably they began as Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers or Nuclear Engineers, and perhaps some started as Physicists.

    All these fields can involve thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, and specialties such as chemical engineering (combustion), nuclear engineering and plasma physics (fusion). The scope may be interdisciplinary.

    There are several aspects of energy to consider: 1) source/generation (chemical, nuclear, solar, . . . ), 2) conversion (thermal -> mechanical -> electrical or propulsive (mechanical)), 3) utilization or application, and 4) storage. Each of these stages is quite a specialty in and of itself.

    There are also the environmental aspects of the energy source and system.
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    I dunno if this is of any help, but it does no good to you know physics or engineering or what?? You should do whatever you are doing right now in the best possible way you can. With time, you will mature & come to know what you are made for.
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