Where can I find Michael Artin Algebra solutions?

  1. I can't find them anywhere. No solution manual, no courses that used the textbook and then posted solutions, nothing. At the same time, the author leaves some important results in the exercises. I like the writing style and so far I'm not having inordinate trouble with the problems, but I'm now pretty unhappy with the person who recommended this book as "good for self-study". I am no stranger to the problem where one produces a wrong answer and doesn't know enough to realize that the answer is wrong.

    I'm surprised that I cannot find any courses that use this highly-regarded textbook.
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  3. Hoping somebody might know anything about this.
  4. well the harvard abstract algebra course that have videos available online uses this book..
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    If you really want some, use google keywords. Like

    site:edu artin + algebra + solutions + filetype:pdf
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