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Any Free Online Algebra 2 Courses?

  1. Jun 1, 2013 #1
    I am trying to learn algebra 2 by myself but I am having some troubles. I bought a textbook and was trying to learn the material just by reading the book and doing the exercises but I couldn't figure out how to do the exercises very well. So next I tried to use Khan Academy to help me understand the exercises but all the problems shown on Khan Academy were too simple and not like the exercises in my textbook. I think what I need is an online course that is similar to an actual classroom, meaning that they presents a video on the topic, show how to solve a few problems, then gives exercises to solve. I don't have any money to buy a course but I would like it to be self paced so I can go as fast as I want through the course. Like I said I can't figure much out by myself, but when I am in math class in school I understand the material presented very well. Any advice or suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
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    They have two algebra review courses and a college algebra course on udacity.com.
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    Sorry but the suggestions here are not really what I'm looking for. Are there any algebra 2 courses that are free and self paced?
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    There are no videos, but you could read through this:

    I think the udacity college algebra course would suit your needs. College algebra is basically the same thing as algebra 2. The course is also self-paced and free.
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    Any GOOD intermediate Algebra textbook IS a course. You said, you bought a textbook. How old? Who wrote it? You could spend 5 or 6 months studying from a good textbook all on your own.

    The books from 20 to 40 years ago called variously, "Intermediate Algebra" or "Algebra 2" are usually excellent. They are low priced, too. Some authors to watch for are Lial, Miller, Larson & Hostetler, Write & New, Aufman/Barker/Nation.

    A College Algebra book might be good, but I'd say, study from an intermediate algebra book thoroughly first. College Algebra contains everything that Intermediate Algebra contains, but more advanced material also. It is much more difficult study.

    You are finding Algebra 2 difficult to learn because it is (1) more advanced than Algebra 1, and (2) requires more and longer effort. The material logically develops from Algebra 1 material, so you are starting with what you already know, and learning it more deeply and extending into more varied topics, but almost all based on what you already know.
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