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Where do I start? Going back to school.

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    31 Years Old
    Graduated highschool in 1998
    Decided not to take college seriously and dropped out with poor grades in 2000.
    I'd like to persue a career in Physics.
    I'm not concerned with how long it will take, or how much work it will be at this stage in life, But im curious as to weather or not retaking algebra, trig, geometry, Calculus and getting a few English courses/ electives out of the way at a community college will put me in a position to get into a reputable university?

    It's been so long I really have no idea where to start.
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    I'm exactly the same. Same age, same circumstances (more or less). I took as many transferable credits as possible from a CC (58, max 60). I took all my electives and language classes. I also took some non transferable prep physics, chem courses as I forgot everything completely. I think I did around 75 credits total. I've transferred to a decent university's applied physics honours program. I had no problem getting in. Average transfer GPA was 3.2 and I had a 4.0 in physics.

    Did all this over 4 years working 40+ hrs a week. Just plodding through 2-3 classes at a time. I am no longer working so I can focus on my upper level physics classes.

    What I did was find the course sequence for the university program I wanted and matched up all the transferable classes at the CC. I had to start at the very beginning of the chem sequence (no pre-req's) and I was able to get an exemption to place directly in calc I, since my algebra was strong enough (self study).
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    I'm going to continue to evangelize http://www.khanacademy.org/#browse" I think anyone who is trying to get a leg up in their undergraduate or high school (or heck, elementary or middle school) education should got check it out.
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