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Where do you go for Science News?

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    Are there any good web sites I should be using :confused:
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    i have read science news magazine since i was 10. 1970. ok 9.

    theyve recently undergone a new format, but the content is just great. after reading it for 30 years ive read an encyclopedia britannica

    they are .ORG!!! not that other 'c' word...


    well worth a subscription.

    i specifically have an enthusiasm with the idea that they arent as popularized, that they are written engagingly, if anything like that shows up, and specifically that its conversationally presented, a fact i loved about isaac asimov, and after that richard feynman. it helped me a lot to know people can just casually use sentences that include words like zinjanthropous like they just went to mcdonalds. and, when the topic has a salient point, they dont chince on the vocabulary. it was a big jump from my weekly reader to science news around 6th grade but it gave me a fantastic vocabulary. i wish it were given as current events readings at schools. now they're every 2 weeks.

    i am always nervous something would happen to it, its kind of like a diabetics insulin to me!

    their website is doing well. presentation and format come after content but i have almost no complaint.

    i highly recommend it. they used its predecessor in the Scopes monkey trial in 1925 as evidence. if ya read it for a couple years you'll find other popularized magazines are written loosely. it is a good teacher.

    and also, several of the reporters have been there together for more than a dozen years, richard montarsky, ron cowen, janet raloff, all have won awards for science writing. its a little secret seems not enough people know about. could be a subscription drive going too!

    go for it. if you're not happy you wouldnt be by much!

    best wishes
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