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Where do you think tech is headed in the near future?

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    Where doing think research into new technologies is headed in the near future?
    Some people say it will be nanotechnology/ material science and energy as these will have more practical applications than any other kind of scientific research. Do you agree?

    PS: made a mistake in the title :(
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    Technology is going wearable in the near term as evidenced by Google glasses, the iWatch, ipod armbands, bluetooth headsets...
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    I think the smartphone will become the new computer, wallet, telephone, super-gadget, notebook and everything else at the same time.

    It will be king.
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    Nothing like futurists in the 20th century predicted. At least not as fast as they predicted it. I mean architecture and automobiles have only slightly changed. Unless vertical farming and automated cars become practical.

    Google seems to be interested on some of those projects.
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    If tech follows the arc it's been on for the last several decades, the future will be:
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    Where is research technology headed? Forward. Always forward, from every angle, toward every unturned stone. Every field of science is progressing at all times. It is a fact of reality, just as 1+1 = 2. As long as the current human brain exists, innovation will occur. Skim through any online science headline website, physorg, sciencedaily..etc, within each category, advances are made on a daily and weekly basis. Our focus on one particular subject as opposed to another or adoption of one type of technology as opposed to another might rely on many factors such as trend, culture, etc. But one thing is for sure, as time goes on, we, as a species, develop a greater grasp of the physical world and hopefully we'll use that ever expanding grasp to progress in positive directions and avoid destroying our species in the process.
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    Technology will move forward until everybody will have brain internet and will be able to update their facebook while sleeping. At that point human civilization will start to rapidly decline technologically.
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    And you are saying that this is progress? How about a good old-fashioned game of stickball for entertainment :smile:

    Remove the word "technologically" from that sentence and I'll agree with you:redface:
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    I agree Lisa. That seems to be the way it goes. Also, it will become wearable.
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    Printable pizza --> printable pie --> printable ice cream --> printable soup --> printable coffee --> printable water --> water faucet
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    Add these all up and you get Startrek technology.
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