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Where to buy a suit in NYC/Clothing forum

  1. Mar 24, 2013 #1
    I need to purchase a dress suit for some upcoming research presentations but the Men's Wearhouse in my area has terrible reviews and I don't know anywhere else that sells suits. Anyone know where in the NYC area to buy a suit or any other forums to ask about this?
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    If only Cyrus was still around!

    I can't help you, not being from the US and all, but something tells me this is a similar to asking for a good pub in london - i.e., they are everywhere!!
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    Depends how much money you want to spend...
    Paul Smith on 15th and 5th, Barney's on 61st and madison
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    Macy's in midtown Manhattan has a huge men's store.
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    I second this one. My dad used to take me here and it was nice (I just went for the blazers xP).
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with Men's Warehouse, I think people tend to be a little snobby about suits. One step up from there though would be Brooks Brothers.
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    The reviews for Men's Wearhouse were mostly about the quality of service and stuff like that, nothing related to the quality of the suits. Anyway, I think Barney's and Brooks Brothers are too expensive for me I guess...I'm using government loans to buy this suit although I can take out more money if I have to. Just not sure if a $1,000 suit is worth it even if I'm going to use it for years to come
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    Agreed, now there is a difference, but for 90% of occasions a $400 suit can be just fine. Brooks Brothers can be real nice. They have a gray suit I want, but it's $1800 :cry:
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    You also need to factor in the cost of gym membership, to keep you and the suit the same size as each other :smile:
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    Maybe I'm just not a classy guy, but I honestly don't see the difference in terms of appearance between the $100 suits and the $2,000 ones.
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    You will if you try each on. Well made/tailored suit with premium materials is a huge difference. A cheap suit will make you look straight out of high school. A premium suit and you'll look GQ.
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    Unless you are getting married, you don't need an $1800 suit at this point in your life. You will look sharp in a suit in the $400 - 650 range. If what you want isn't on sale at some store right now, it will be within a month or so so keep an eye on ads. Look at Calvin Klein, Jones NY or Ralph Lauren if you have an average American build, or Joseph Abboud if you are slim.

    I just checked Macy's ad--their suits in this price range are presently on sale for $250 - $310. That's a good sale. The money you save can go to a couple of primo dress shirts, ties, dress socks and dress shoes. And maybe even a wool overcoat!
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    A lot of guys I worked with loved Hugo Boss. Whatever you decide on, give yourself time to get it back from the tailor. Sometimes you may have to have minor adjustments made after the initial tailoring.
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    Is there something Greg didn't tell us yet?
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    Good luck trying to find a good suit in NYC. Ask Borek if there's anything decent in Poland.
  17. Mar 24, 2013 #16
    Hugo Boss does make some great suits!

    I am indeed getting married this August :)

    fyi, I'm still not buying an $1800 suit for it! :D
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    Suitsupply in NYC has reasonably good reviews from the people over at Styleforum, and their stuff is around $500 before tax. I would spend a little time at a place like Styleforum before you buy a suit since, yeah, the reputation for Men's Wearhouse's quality is terrible.

    (I'm not a member at that site but I can't deny there's a lot of good info there.)
  19. Mar 28, 2013 #18
    Not sure what style you are looking for but you can check out Express Men if you have one in the neighborhood. You can get something between $300-500 IIRC. I'll admit, their stuff tend not to last too long, but if you take care of it, you can get a good couple of years out of it. I like their stuff because it has that slim fitted look to it as opposed to that more cozy mobster look if you know what I mean.

    I have something similar to this:

  20. Mar 28, 2013 #19
    I've been to a few research presentations and you don't need a suit for that. Although I wasn't presenting, I never cared for how the person was dressed, but that is just me. I did see some people wearing casual wear, some pants, shoes, and a shirt. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt to research presentations. But I'd think a suit would be a bit overboard for something that is more geared towards understanding what your findings were and how much knowledge you have of the subject.
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    As you're using loans that you'll eventually need to repay, Mentalist has the best answer, don't buy what you don't need.
    Save your precious dollars, buy a navy blue blazer at Orvis for about $100, some decent gray flannel pants for maybe $75 and wear properly polished shoes. You'll be better dressed than 95% of the people at your conference.
  22. Mar 28, 2013 #21

    jim hardy

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    Well you're presenting. I don't know whether you suffer from stage fright, but I do.

    A fine suit just has a special "feel" to it that cheap ones lack.
    I could never justify the expense.
    However it must affect one's appearance somehow. What Greg said:
    When I wore my (recently acquired at yard sale) Burberry suit to the concert, people smiled, called me 'sir' and stepped aside to let me pass.
    I wondered what was wrong. Usually I defer to others.
    So I returned smiles and did a lot of " after you please, kind sir(or lovely madame)" 's .

    It should not be that way but it is. Maybe that 'special feel' makes us radiate something.

    Anyhow - if a fine suit helps you feel confident and make a better presentation go for it.
    Sale racks at better department stores can be cost effective.

    hint - remember to start your talk with a deep breath and a personal anecdote...

    good luck - old jim
  23. Mar 28, 2013 #22
    Such vanity. Eh, humans are geared more towards aesthetics anyway, so like seeing beautiful vistas we like to look decent I guess. But I mean, why would a person want to look like someone dressed out of GQ at a physics presentation event? Not like there will be top of the line models there, although there are some pretty women there don't get me wrong, but I don't think going the extra mile to look like a model will win you favors except from the ladies and some men. Other men when seeing the women clamor and gawk will rush over to try and put you in your place.

    Expect to be challenged heavily on the material you're presenting. If you aren't presenting, still expect a challenge out of the blue if you so happen to be chatting up the best looking female physicist there. Sadly, we haven't escaped the evolutionary pressures of finding a mate and instead of winning the female over by brawn (at least in these types of settings) looks and smarts play a much bigger role, so the lesser facially pleasing males will try to challenge you like it is a script taken from national geographic.
  24. Mar 28, 2013 #23
    Damn, this has made me realize that I don't even own a suit, too :frown:
  25. Mar 30, 2013 #24
    Eh...give it a rest. If Greg wants to look sexy-pants, that's his prerogative.
  26. Mar 31, 2013 #25


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    What are you talking about? The OP says he is going to be at a research presentation, not a single's night!
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