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Where to study cosmology in Canada

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    I am currently in first year physics at university. I have looked at lots of courses that my university offers (u of Manitoba), and at many others, and I can't find any many undergrad courses, just astrophysics courses. None of the other universities that I have checked have degrees in physics specialising in cosmology, just specialties in astronomy or astrophysics. Do physics students note take cosmology until graduate level or are universities in Canada not up to par? Thanks for any help.
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    You don't specialize in cosmology as an undergraduate student. I would be highly suspicious of any program that promised otherwise. Generally, as a senior undergraduate student you might get to take an introductory course in cosmology and based on that experience you would make a decision if that's something that you'd like to pursue as a graduate student. Unfortunately there are only so many courses you can take as an undergrad. If you get to that level and it's something your really want to pursue, you could always try for admission to a graduate course, or try to do a reading course.
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    thanks for the reply choppy. i guess you need a base of knowledge before you tackle cosmology. I guess i'll take astrophysics until graduate level and decide from there.
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    George Jones

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    From the University of Manitoba website, I see that a special topics course (4300) in general relativity will be offered in January, 2012. General relativity courses often contain introductions to cosmology. Because 4300 can be about anything, I doubt that general relativity course are offered regularly.
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    Check to see if there are any professors that do research in cosmology at the university you are thinking of going to. There typically aren't any formal degrees in cosmology at an undergrad level, but you might get the chance to do some research with a professor at some point, especially if the university typically has NSERC USRAs (National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Research Awards) during the summer that you can apply for. You don't have to take up an award at the university you're going to, but if do research with a professor at your home university you might be able to keep working with them during the fall and spring semesters (though they may not have funding to actually pay you during those semesters).
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