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Where to study? (German speaking countries)

  1. Feb 19, 2006 #1

    Soon I'm finished with school and I have to decide at which university I want to study, but somehow I can't decide

    I'm currently considering the following universities, can you please give any comments or maybe even experiences from yourselves or ones from friends you have heard?
    • University of Vienna (Uni Wien)
    • Technical University of Vienna (TU Wien)
    • University of Munich (LM Munich)
    • Technical Univeristy of Munich (TU Munich)
    • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich(ETH)

    I want to study physics, but I don't want to work as physicist (scientist or teacher), I'd rather like to work in the management of a company (I know, it sounds stupid to study physics for this, but physics is my passion. I don't think the salary is enough to make a good living. Has anyone typical salaries for physicists in Europa?)
    How likely is it to work in the management of a company with a physics degree?

    At ETH I could first make a Bachelor in physics, then make a master in management or economic sciences.
    But Zurich is rather far away from me (about 550km) and Switzerland is a rather expensive place.
    Vienna and Munich both are about 200km away from my home, but there I can't change so easily.
    All three have no restrictions of admissions, meaning I can study in any of those three without any problems, because of my Austrian Matura. (Applying for a university in the US way doesn't exist, in these three countries anyone can study anything as long as one has got Matura or Abitur (well, for certain studies there are already restrictions, i.e. medicine))


    I'm also thinking about applying to MIT, but I guess my chances of being admitted are actually next to nothing. Should I try nonetheless?
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  3. Apr 13, 2006 #2
    I don't know much about the first two, but

    # University of Munich (LM Munich)
    # Technical Univeristy of Munich (TU Munich)
    # Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich(ETH)

    are all excellent universities. Actully LMU and TU in Munich are the best in physics in Germany.

    After getting a degree in physics you will be a person able to think and solve real life problems and I think there'll be no problem to do a master in economics or management afterwards. With a physics degree you can also work as a researcher in a company and get a second education at the same time, so you'll surely earn enough money.
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