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Which axis does flux pinngin work on?

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    i've seen all the super conductors and how it fixes a magnetic field and then levitates, but on which direction does it fixes?
    for example:
    if there was a solenoid pointing upwards(the empty middle is vertical) and moving from the axis of -Y to +Y and a ring of super conductor places higher than the solenoid in terms of the z-axis and is going from +x to -x; would it lock the superconductor and stay at the same place? or would they not interact with each other?

    my idea is that for something like iss; a rocket is sent upwards maybe at an angle of 30 degrees to the solenoid, the iss makes a big solenoid coiling towards earth's perpendicular; and then the rocket is the super conductor and then it comes into intercepting point but they are in different dept of z-axis; so if they could lock each other together and then after locking, the iss can extend a bridge and get the stuff instead of having the most precise calculation, they might not need to delay the launches if there was a stronger wind oe something like that
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    Flux pinning usually fixes the superconductor in a specific place.

    I have no idea what you mean here.
    Where is the relation between flux pinning and rocket launches?
    How do you want to build a coil through the whole atmosphere?
    How do you accelerate stuff to ~8km/s (speed of the ISS)?
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