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Which colleges should I apply to?

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    I'm going to be entering senior year of high school this fall, and it's getting dangerously close to the time I'll need to begin sending out applications. The problem is, I'm not sure which schools to apply to. So far, my dream schools are Brown, Columbia and Williams. For some background info, my SAT score is a 1550 out of 1600 (2340 including the writing), and my GPA is currently a 4.00. As for what I'm looking for in a school, I prefer to be in a competitive environment, and will probably major in a pure science, most likely either Chem or Physics. Any recommendations at all would be very appreciated.
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    Most of the ivy league schools would be good for you. The only thing is that they tend to cater more towards liberal arts education, as to schools like Williams. I'm not sure if this is the exact type of school you are looking for. If you enjoy learning about everything, not just science, I'd say they'd be great schools for you. If you don't, I'm sure you'd still be great there, but you might experience some pushes by the school to try to get you to expand your coursework. Williams, while a great liberal arts school, will probably be a little lacking in the competitiveness you'd see in the sciences (I know it's a great school, but it doesn't attract the "typical" scientist crowd). Also, look into MIT and Caltech, both of which would be great for the sciences, and you'd find plenty of competition and research opportunities there. Places like Duke would also be good for your pure science path.
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