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Which degree is m ost demanding?

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    We've discussed the many feilds of science,technology,and engineering. But now I'd like to know what the most difficult degree is period.

    Liberal Arts,Law,Physics,Business,Healtchcare,Accounting?
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    Depends on the talents of the student.

    I don't know where you wanna go with this question. Why do you care ?

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    i sort of wonder this also. after doing a math degree i find it so much easier to understand everything else, probably due to the abstractness of math. though from my experience i think all non-social-science & non-education degrees are equally difficult. i know an english student who studies (& of course writes about) approx 1 whole novel each week in each of the 5 courses she takes in a term. that's about 5x13=75 novels per term + moderate-length (~10-15 page) papers about them. for me since i hate lab writeups i would find a chem, physics or engineering degree most difficult.
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    the most difficult is the one you enjoy least.

    after trying analysis i was forced to switch back to algebraic geometry because i coul not persist to the degree unless i was having fun.
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    Liberal arts is by definition the easiest since that's one field you already touched on everything to a fair amount before and you're not required to know much of anything.
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    Arts and Crafts
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    Music - I've taken several piano classes and can still barely play chopsticks.
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