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Which Engineering Discipline With Physics (Mechanical or Electrical)

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1
    I'm currently an "exploratory engineering" major at the university- which pretty much means I'm still taking interdisciplinary courses and haven't chosen a discipline yet. I want to continue with my engineering education but I'm also interested in physics. The college of engineering offers civil, mechanical, and electrical, but I really don't know whether I'd rather go into mechanical or electrical engineering. So my question is, which discipline would go better with physics, mechanical or electrical engineering?
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    Both have physics heavy research areas within their discipline.

    EE you can do electromagnetics (applied E&M), plasma (depending on the department, but this is basically applied E&M), semiconductors and superconductors (applied quantum), nano-electronic fabrication (modern physics).

    ME you can do thermodynamics, fluid/gas dynamics, orbital mechanics, material science (applied quantum).

    Depends on what part of physics you like.
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