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Which is cheap and suitable pump?

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    Hi All,

    i have a requirement to design a pump to pump 4000 litres of water a day at 40 mtr. head. which pump will be most suitable for this application and cheap??

    can any one of you help me in this subject ?

    and also where can i refer to design that particular pump?

    thanks in advance to all of you!!
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    Why design a pump from scratch? Why not just establish your piping requirements and look for a centrif that suits the application?
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    This. It's complicated enough selecting a premade pump for a particular application, there's no need to try to design one from scratch when there are multiple different brands that have pumps for nearly every possible situation.
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    and if they break, you have a mfg warrenty, instead of you assuming the liability

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    I'm guessing there is a language barrier here and the OP actually wants to select, not design a pump.

    Try paging through the Bell and Gossett catalog, looking at the pump curves, etc. It's all available online.
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    Well, even if he is selecting a pump, you have to know a TON of information. Generally you can't even get an applications engineer at the companies to quote you without:

    1) Desired Head
    2) Suction Head Available
    3) Desired Flowrate
    4) Fluid service (more often than not they want the specific gravity of the fluid here)

    And the next question is usually the temperature that the fluid will be at. It also depends what your specific use is going to be: if you're simply moving fluids, a centrifugal will do fine, but if you're more worried about injecting fluid into the ground (a la oil well stimulation) or other high pressure/low volume situations, a reciprocating piston pump may make more sense.

    As far as who to buy from, there are quite a few, but the biggest seem to be Flowserve, Goulds, and Sulzer pumps. Each of those guys have an extremely wide variety of pumps for nearly every conceivable application. Or if you go the piston route, Gardner-Denver is pretty much tops for that field.
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