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Which is the best; Pure Science or Applied Science?

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    i am in big dilema of what to take up in near future;either PURE SCIENCE or APPLIED SCIENCE let me tell you that i want to become a SCIENTIST in the field of atomic science. so please please help me to know which is better for me and in which my future is sceure....
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    Pure science is just the application of science to itself, so it only another type of applied science. For this reason I consider applied science to be more fundamental, and thus more interesting.
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    From an employment perspective, applied science would more than likely be more applicable than a pure science. An exception may be for a research oriented position such as that in academia, government or private institutions.
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    more like, which is best FOR YOU?
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    "Pure" science and "applied" science have very broad definitions. For example, the engineering departments at some schools define themselves as applied science, however a course in say, applied mathematics is not necessarily an engineering degree.

    I think you'll have to be more specific if you really want feedback on a particular direction. Look into specific programs that catch your interest, look at the courses you'll take, the projects you'll work on, look at what careers people in those programs go on to, and look at the future predictions for people who study in that discipline.
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    i am still in a confusion.....
    my interest lies in doing research in atomic, particle and relative physics(concerned to relativity) in all the three but i want to secure my future. do we have good amount in pure science? can we do research if we have a background from engineering stream?
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    I used to sit with the Medical Physicists of a cancer treatment/research centre for lunch and every lunch, every day, we discussed the theories of different physicists. These Dr.s were practicing their applied physics in medicine yet were able to explore the theories of physics on lunch. And I got the benefit of it!
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