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Homework Help: Which of the arrangements of two compasses shown in the figure is a

  1. Oct 13, 2013 #1
    1. If two compasses are brought near enough to each other, the magnetic fields of the compasses themselves will be larger than the field of the earth, and the needles will line up with each other

    Which of the arrangements of two compasses shown in the figure is a possible stable arrangement?


    3. My best guess is A because they are not pointed toward one another.. I have no clue about the concept the question is trying to test!
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    What do you know about forces between like poles and unlike poles?
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    I only know the very basics tbh. The forces follow same rules of electric forces (N&N/S&S) repel but N and S attract.
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    I figured it out! The answer is c because they are attracted to each other, their natural stable relationship.
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    So then a stable configuration would be one where they are attracted to each other. You basically answered your own question :p
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