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Which of these fields gives me the background i need to transfer

  1. Jan 11, 2010 #1
    Hi , I have an interest in mining and/or petroleum engineering , but none of the universities in my country offer any of these degrees , (and traveling is not an option cuz of money ) , the degrees offered here are Mechanical ,electrical, electronic ,communications ,biomedical, surveying ,and civil engineering , do any of these fields give me a good enough background to work in mining /petroleum engineering
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    I don't work in this area but I'll tell you what my understanding as a graduate is:

    It depends what, more specifically, you are interested in. In my experience, the types of companies that cover the areas you are speaking about do their graduate recruitment through large, international scale, programmes. This means that there are training programmes designed to cover 'everything you need to know' before it's necessarily decided which part of the business you will work for. Then, these types of employers can afford to accept students from different backgrounds - as long as they have proven their ability to learn (within reason, of course).

    Along these lines, I would probably suggest that any physical science/engineering subject would allow entry to an area such as this - potentially with mechanical or chemical engineering being the best options - depending on which part of this industry you want to work in.

    edit: Also, as far as I'm aware, there are no degrees at any institution (there may be in other countries) in petroleum engineering or mining, so you aren't disadvantaged by 'only' having the above selection to choose from.
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    thanks alot man
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    I know canada has a few universities with PetE/Mining; the univerity I attend, University of Alberta, has both programs and I know we have quiet a few international students.

    Just read traveling is not an option, nevermind
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