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Don't like my job even though it could aid me later Help

  1. Apr 7, 2015 #1
    Hi my name is Alex and I have the goal of becoming an engineer. Either mechanical or biomedical. I like medical and technical things so I feel biomedical would be awesome. Get to help people but use my brain to solve complex problems and be creative.
    Anyways, my problem is that I am an electrician apprentice and I don't love it. I don't feel excited to get up for work or sometimes feel anxiety from it. But the thing is I've heard a lot that this trade can help me become a better engineer or at least gain practical experience that will hopefully give me a leg up. I also make more money that I would anywhere else and it will only go up from here. Also I can go to school while I'm in the apprenticeship. I've been debating on getting a degree in engineering or CS but have been leaning towards engineering because of the leg up I'll have from my job.

    Will this trade really help me in the mechanical or biomedical engineering field? I honestly like the electrical stuff I'm learning but I can't stand the work environments or various other things. It affects my asthma with all the dust and what not. It's physically demanding and my apprenticeship will still last 4.5 more years. I also aim to make 6 figures one day but I'm not thinking too much about that right now. Just a goal for later. Any advice would help. Sorry if info seems to be missing I'm typing this on my break at work on my phone ha. Just ask any questions and I'll reply. Thank you.
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    I have a similar work background myself. However, being an electrician won't directly apply to becoming a Mechanical engineer. Your background would lead you to electrical engineering in the building design and construction field.

    You might be able to specialize in medical buildings, but if you want to really get into mechanical (but still need to have a full time job to make a living), you should consider looking for a job with an HVAC company or machine shop, and then take a couple of Drafting courses which would put you into their design groups. From there, you could try to work up to designer and engineer (especially if you can attend school, either after hours, online or remotely).

    Biomed will require you to look into lab work and may even require you to attend school full time for a year or so, to break away from your current career path. You will probably need to do something drastic to get your career path pointed in the direction of Biomed.
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    It might really help if you want to go into a subfield of mechanical engineering, called...electromechanical engineering. electromechanics deal with things such as designing motors, servos, etc, and will probably be a big field with lots of opportunities as we move toward green energy.
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