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Which one to choose:Kineasology or Biochem?

  1. Apr 20, 2009 #1

    I am a second year and still haven't declared my major. I confined my options to Kineasology and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBB). I am a little bit confused which one to go for. When it comes to MBB, I really like chemistry. Kineasology, skeptical and hesitant about how it will be.
    I am planning to go to Med school after I finish my undergrad.
    Could any one give advice or better idea that could narrow my option to one?

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  3. Apr 20, 2009 #2


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    What are your career goals? As far as I know the kineseology -> med school route is for people who are interested in sports medicine.
  4. Apr 20, 2009 #3
    I am interested in pursuing a career in medicine or lab research. I want to become a clinical doctor. They said, what ever degree you do in undergrad it doesn't matter as long as you have prerequisites for med school.

    Now, I think MBB would be the better choice but could you give how MBB would be helpful towards my degree? I know I can google but the forum is more fun.

  5. Apr 20, 2009 #4
    If you want to broaden your options, do MBB so that you can have a background doing laboratory procedures. Although, if you have your goals set on MD, then do what ever the heck you want. As long as you have the prerequisites, high GPA and good MCAT scores. And also lots of volunteering and work experience.
    The director of medicine at my university got his bachelors in music :tongue2:
    i guess MBB is a good choice because my biochem prof always says there are 'hot topics' in bchem. There are many more things that we don't know about the metabolic pathways about bacteria...
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    Thank you.
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    From the people I've known who've taken kinesiology, it did not turn out to be the most useful degree with regards to gaining employment, or gaining skills that you can use in the real world. I'm not saying it's useless by any means, but you may want to consider a backup plan if medicine doesn't work out.

    You mentioned you like chemsitry. Why not pursue that as an undergraduate degree?
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    Well, you're better at spelling MBB...I think students should at least choose a major they can spell. :wink: :biggrin:

    From what you've written here, I'm not sure why you're even considering kinesiology, since you don't even sound like you really know what it is or why you'd want to do it. You sound more like you know what molecular biology is and may be more interested in that. As for med school, the molecular biology will probably make your first year easier than kinesiology will.
  9. Apr 25, 2009 #8
    It seems you looked me under a microscope that really revealed who I am. It is true that I don't have any sort of background about Kineasology. Why I am considering is that I thought I could widen my options before declaring my major. Since you guys have contributed great ideas, I will go for MBB.

    Thank you.
  10. Apr 25, 2009 #9
    I am doing Chemistry as a minor and I think it one of my favorite after MBB.
  11. May 1, 2009 #10
    MBB is hard lol too much memorizing
  12. May 3, 2009 #11
    Luongo, what happen to Canucks? Shoot, I was demoralized when I saw the result of last game, 6-3. Anyways, I am still proud of their place in the playoffs.

    As your name suggests, I guess you live in Vancouver. I live in Burnaby and go to SFU.

    Nice seeing you around.
  13. Jun 13, 2009 #12
    I have narrowed my options now; declared my major as Biochemistry. Hopefully, my plan is to apply for Med school when I am done with my Biochem degree.

    So, the question is: if I may not get accepted in Med school, what can I do with my Biochem degree?

    Your ideas will be highly appreciated!
  14. Jun 14, 2009 #13

    Oh great another med school student. If you dont make it into med school you can probably become a biochemist but those don't make much unless you have a pHD still it doesn't make that much... unless you discover something that is. If you can't get in most likely you'll resort to the 2nd option and be a pharmacist where ur biochem can be used but for pharm u don't even need a degree so... it's really up to you. The options are endless, i would suggest sticking with physics or anything related to physics, mathematics or engineering. Since you're posting in the physics forums you must have some interest in this area, you like chemistry, why not try chemical physics or quantum physics as a degree? I'm alright with chemistry although it is not my favourite science it is still very interesting, however i found myself liking the "calculation based" chemistry such as physical chemistry and disliking the "memorization based" chemistry such as organic chemistry. The labs were very interesting I might add almost as interesting as a physics lab. Biology labs though are just plain disgusting!!! unless you're into that stuff... A degree in physics/math/engineering looks much better than a degree in any biological sciences such as biochemistry or microbiology and you can also use that degree to get into medical school, for example if someone was to chose between two people who got the same MCAT score one with biochem the other with physics, there's no question i would chose the one with the degree in physics and i say this without bias. You should shoot for what you like but also what would be most USEFUL for you in the future for obtaining your goals, hope this helps. If you want to be a doctor and love biochemistry then go for it.
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  15. Jun 14, 2009 #14

    Cool, yes i do i'm also from burnaby and currently study at UBC for engineering. where abouts in burnaby do you live? and i was shocked luongo let in 7. Ouch.
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  16. Jun 14, 2009 #15
    Like what Luongo said there are so many options for you; pharmacy, dentistry, or maybe optometry. If you really insist on med school and not the other medical professions, you can complete your masters degree and re-apply. If that doesn't work then go for a PhD and try again!
    I am in the same position you are in too! I was planning to declare my major in cellular molecular microbial biology after my 3rd year, but physics is starting to sound interesting...so i might do some of that
    Just a heads up! In a recent article (chinese newspaper), by ~2015, there is going to be a high demand for healthcare workers ranging from technicians to doctors, approx 700 more people. And this article was from vancouver too! I was not sure if they meant whole of Canada or just Vancouver...So, if going to med school does not work out then you have so many other options involving medicine that you can go into!
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