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Which software are used to plot figures?

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    hello, does anyone know which softwares are used to plot the following two figures ? I guess the two figures ae plot with different softwares. I hope someone could give me some references. Thanks.



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    Unless you ask the person who drew the figure, I think it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to identify the software. That first figure might have even been hand-drawn by a professional drafter (it doesn't look very recent).

    If you are looking for a software that would allow you to make such plots, there are many alternatives, that vary greatly in price. At the free end of that spectrum, you may take a look at Grace or at Inkscape, depending on your needs, but there are other options out there.
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    Yeah, those figures look hand made or the work of a plotter from years ago and THEN scanned in.

    For the sinusoidal plot, there are quite a few programs you can use to draw that...Octave, Matplotlib, Maxima, Latex, Asymptote and the list goes on...probably the easiest for you to use is Excel.

    For the other figure any just about anything will do...Inkscape, Gimp, MS-Paint...
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    thanks. I will have a look at these softwares.
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    Fumbling with Mathematica. To be clear, you can then export the diagram as an image file.

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