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Which technical field is in most demand in the US at the present time

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    Hi everyone. One of the common themes/complaints/rants that I hear over and over in the Career Guidance section of Physics Forums is the difficulty in securing research-related jobs in physics (due to excess supply of PhDs vs number of such positions available, both academic and industrial).

    This leads me to my next question. Which technical field, in your humble opinions. is most in demand in the US at the present time? And when I speak of being "in demand", this is relative to other technical positions.
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    Sadly, one of the most in demand "technical" professions that pays really well is really not very technical (you don't need a bachelors of science). That would be IT related positions.

    I always seem to see chemical engineers and health related fields in high demand, but that is just my personal impression, and not based in any facts.

    Here is something you might find interesting:
    http://www.asee.org/papers-and-publications/publications/college-profiles/2010-profile-engineering-statistics.pdf [Broken]

    The web has a lot of useful studies and statistics if you do your research.
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