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Which to accept, oxford or cambridge?

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    I have two Phd offers from Oxford and Cambridge and I need to make my decision by thursday... I want to do a post doc in the US so international reputation is of most importance...any thoughts?

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    Well they are the two best most respected universities in the UK so really it doesn't really matter which one you go too.

    Have you had a look at the place?
    The environment?

    It might help you decide which one is towards your taste.

    And on general, Cambridge is good for sciences whereas Oxford is good for Arts.

    Hope it helps, congratz btw.
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    The one that is best suited to your phd area would be my guess :confused:
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    Well my area of interest is solid state quantum information processing. They both have very similar projects with good supervisors. I just want to know which has the better international reputation as I plan to leave after I finish my phd.

    Most people DO say Oxford is more renouned for the arts whereas Cambridge is better for science.
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    You could look at both university sites on information on graduate studies and may want to request information about the physics department for both.

    If you believe in league tables then see this : http://extras.timesonline.co.uk/gooduniversityguide2005/20physics.pdf

    In the end it doesnt really matter which one you go too as both are very well respected.
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    Yeah I've seen most of the league tables... They seem to suggest Oxford is the best. Though I visited clarendon and it seemed quite run down. Decided to go with Cambridge because the project will involve working with Toshiba which can only be good for my CV :) .. plus they're offering more money.

  8. Mar 24, 2006 #7
    Ok I'm back at square one again... Can't decide. The supervisor as Oxford seems to really want me to go there judging by the e-mail he just sent me. Both projects involve using quantum dots as single photon sources for quantum information processing. I was wondering if there is anyone working in this field who may have an opinion as to which would be the better option.

    I have till Tuesday to decide because that's when Oxford need to know
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    You shouldn't go by what the different unis are reputed to excel at at UG level :rolleyes:

    Like othershave said, you need to check out:

    1. The supervisor
    2. The research group
    3. The towns

    For the first two - check out their publications, look for PRLs etc.

    ...but, very importantly, make sure your supervisor will have time to supervise you, eg. if they are HoD, they won't have much time...

    For the third - I'd much rather live in Cambridge.
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    The reason I'm going by reputation is because I've considered those things you said but couldn't decide still. I've made my decision now though and it's Cambridge as your second bullet point clinches it i think. To be working with Toshiba would be a real bonus.
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    I saw that on a Google search - that's a good point: Cambridge has more business/science parks (semi-) associated with the uni.


    And, presumably, it'll be DAMPT which isn't too bad :-)
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  12. Mar 27, 2006 #11
    Yeah actually the project allocated to me involves working with the Quantum Information Group http://www.toshiba-europe.com/research/crl/QIG/

    I think the director of that group Prof Pepper is also the head of semiconductor physics at Cambridge.

    Can't ask for more really..
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