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Which topic to pick for physics coursework?

  1. Jun 17, 2009 #1
    Which topic to pick for physics coursework??!?

    For our physics coursework we can choose any topic around physics to talk about and im stuck on which one to do.

    A good topic will be one that I can link many other aspects of physics to it, for example quantum or something else. Previous done topics are zero point field where he has linked it to many things and also CERN and talked about furture impacts and so on.

    Many Thanks
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    Re: Which topic to pick for physics coursework??!?

    hey deltz, welcom to PF

    I think nanotechnology is an interesting topic and can be related to many aspects of physics. for instance; it can enhance the super conductivity behavior of the material of interest and nano materials show some aspect of quantum behavior and many other things, hope this helps and good luck.
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    Re: Which topic to pick for physics coursework??!?

    Hmmm nano technology was asked in lesson, and teacher said it was more of a bioligy topic, some more topics thrown across the room was maglev's, physics of football. Any more ideas? :)
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    Re: Which topic to pick for physics coursework??!?

    nooooo, not at all :wink: It can be used for biological applications, sure, but there are plenty of other applications in other sciences and engineering, and the pure research underlying nanotech is all physics.

    There's probably a lot of good information on Wikipedia...
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