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Schools Which university; medical electronics?

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    Sorry if i change the subject somehow.

    I'm going to do postgraduate studies of medical electronics in germany, so does someone know which univeristies offer this sort of studying and its ranking.
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    Hello.I don't know if anyone can help or even guide me.

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    I wonder if people are having difficulty understanting the question. I'm not sure I follow and this may just be my lack of familiarity with the european/german education system. In north america:
    - undergraduate: refers to studies towards a bachelors degree (the first 4 years of university level eductaion)
    - graduate: refers to studies towards master's and doctoral degrees (after undergraduate work has been completed)
    - postdoctoral: refers to work performed by Ph.D. level people generally before entering a tenure-track position in academia

    I'm not familar with the "postgraduate" term. And "electronics" is usually a technical profession pursued at the comminity college level.

    Do you mean that you've completed an electrical engineering degree and are interested in graduate schools that offer programs specializing in medical applications?

    (I apologize for my ignorance.)
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    Well, for some reason he sent me an email (he probably sent the same to countless others randomly as well), thinking I was from Germany asking the same question. Well what he's looking for is recommendations for graduate school courses in biomedical engineering, with emphasis on electronics developed for medical applications. Unfortunately he's only interested in German grad schools and their ranking in this graduate specialisation, which is a very narrow scope of query. It also explains why no one has replied so far. Although he didn't say so, I assume he has a bachelor's degree in EE.
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    Well,that's right. I tried to look up for that in german universities websites and using google but was of no sense.I haven't got the exact info i need.
    So i found this forum (physicsforums) is a proper place to post in since it has a variety of subjects discussed and many members seeking for science and i do respect this.

    Thanks anyway.
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    If I remember correctly, stuttgart and kassel universities offer electrical engineering but i cant remember if they offer biomedical. Both universities were said to be decent universities. Berlin Technische Universitaet would also be a good spot to look.

    The issue with German universities is that there is no one stop shop there typically arn't an array of different universities one can choose from for a certain degree. Unless ofcourse you want to study medicine.
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