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Schools Which University Should I Ultimately Choose? [Canada]

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    Hello everyone :)

    I'm a 17 year old Grade 12 student in Ontario interested in physics, more specifically astrophysics.

    I've just finished applying to university, and don't have to make the final decision until May of this year.

    My choices are Queen's, UBC, UVic and UWO for Astrophysics (Honours)
    And U of T and York for Double Honours in Physics and Astronomy

    I'm aiming mostly to UWO, Queen's, and UVic, as on top of academic stimulation, I also would like a more socially involved school.

    I guess I would just like to hear some different opinions on which school has better or worse traits :)

    Thank you all
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    Have you toured any of them yet?
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    The Queen's undergrad experience is really good and enclusive with lots of rich traditions, I have also heard good things about UWO, but know very little about UVic,
    ha, probably not that helpful, but I will post anyways
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    I think you don't have to worry so much for undergrad.

    It's hard to even decide what to do at the high school level. So many students by 3rd year realize what they thought was biology, physics, accounting or whatever, is actually COMPLETELY different... for better or worse.

    I'm personally a fan of going to smaller universities so you can get in touch with faculty, and get opportunities like becoming a teaching assistant, and/or research assistant. You learn a lot in these positions, and you will hopefully get a nice personal individual reference letter when you apply to graduate school. That's what matters most.

    I guarantee that if you go to a school like UWO or UofT, that the reference letters for you to go to graduate school are already saved on the computer. They use the same one for just about everyone. Change the date, name, and note the students scores in the courses, and done.
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