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White vs black noise

  1. Apr 28, 2006 #1
    Hi all I want me to explain what white and black noise is .And whats the difference betwween them?
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    I have never seen the term "black noise". White noise is noise where the frequency spectrum is flat. Colored noise has a non-flat spectrum due to the characteristics of the source or some filtering.
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    Good old google. I googled "white noise" "pink noise" "black noise" and got lots of hits. Here's one of the first ones, from the wikipedia:

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    Superficially, I would assume that black noise would be complete absence of noise... considering how I really don't know alot about it. kinda like black is the absence of light or color.
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    back noise!

    it's SILENCE!:!!)
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    I had a link that refferred to white and black noise as Country Western and Rap, but I can't find that link anymore.
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    Okay, this thread is deteriorating, and old. Thread locked.
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