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Who coined the term relativistic mass

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    Who coined the term "relativistic mass"

    I asked this question before and never got an answer. I'm hoping that new people are on here who might just know the answer to the question: Who coined the term "relativistic mass" and where, i.e. I need a reference so I can read the source of the terms original usage. Thanks in advance.


    ps - I plead with the forum not to turn this into a debate about the concepts usage. Thanks.
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    D H

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    Re: Who coined the term "relativistic mass"

    Wikipedia claims it was Richard C. Tolman:
    Reference 13 is R. Tolman, Philosophical Magazine 23, 375 (1912).
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    Re: Who coined the term "relativistic mass"

    Tolman never used the term "relativistic mass" in that paper. Its the term and not the quantity that I'm looking for. I read that paper and the term is not used in it. Thanks.

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