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Who do I hire for computer animation?

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    I am about to be looking for a person or person(s) who are able to use 3d graphics programs to create animations. I have Cinema 4D, so that's available, but what other programs will these people need? In fact, what job title am I even looking for? Animator? Graphics artist? I want someone(s) who can both model the models (err..) and turn them into film segments.

    Beyond all that, is there a decent amount of freelance work in this field? Will I be able to find someone(s) with ability who is below the cost of a Pixar employee?

    Thanks yall.
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    Why don't you farm it out to a company who does all that?
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    Ok sure, but what I'm wondering is even more basic than that: what am I looking for in the phone book?

    Graphics company? Animation company? etc..

    Also, I am guessing that these firms are geared toward for-hire service and would therefore be affordable. Is that correct?
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    A graphics artist who can create 3D sprites etc... Probably someone who is good with flash
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    Flash is no help in doing 3D stuff, its strength lies in 2D vector animations, For 3D stuff you'd use something like 3D Studio Max from www.discreet.com , or Cinema like the OP suggested.
    For example, 3D studio max allows you to create 3D objects, place cameras around the world (moving cameras as well) and then you can just export as you wish, i played around with it before and got this far. I believe what you'll be paying for is really the 3D modeling. It requires some experience to model any real life object. If you're looking for very exact models then AutoCad can do this. You should know though that some companies have 3D scanners that just scan any object you want and this is by far alot faster and probably cheaper. The fine arts department at my university has one of these, they're very cool. So you'd probably want not just a single person, but a small company doing this for you because they're likely to have all the tools you need (hardware).
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    You could try going on google and searching for spmething like "3D animation showreels" to view some peoples work.

    The person you employ might not like cinema 4D they may use something else for there modeling/animation (such as maya, lightwave, 3DS, softimage etc). I dont know what you are planning on making but you will probably need some editing software like avid xpress or if they use mac final cut studio. Depending on how big what you are making is it might need to be sent off to be rendered when the animation is finished.
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    That is so :smile: . There is no tool within flash that can allow you to do pure 3D. You can emulate 3D using 2D graphics, actionscript and drawing methods, but it is complicated and not worth it. I have alot of experience with flash and it is nowhere the tool you want to build 3D graphics with. There are plugins for 3DSMax and Plasma that export 3D rendered movies to flash, but it's all done in a 2D way. What sounds better, creating a 3D model with a program that has a fantastic 3D engine embedded in it awaiting commands or creating your own 3D engine with actionscript, and then pluguing in values into a matrix to try and model the real life object? If you need to model stuff you need something alot more powerful than flash.
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    Thanks for the replies yall. I think I'll check out the 3d graphics artists first and hear out their takes on the rendering.
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    MAYA and SoftImage will be two applications i'd recommend for animataors.
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    I agree I use both :-) I like Maya more but maybe that;s just because I animate in that software everyday... Softimage I have not used much of it but I like the non destructive work flow it has. This is a feature that no program utilizes now a days :-(
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