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News Who is the real terrorist?imperialism

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    who is the real terrorist??imperialism

    children, wives, old and blameless people are killed daily in iraq and palestine! but who's the killer??all of you knows, the occupied army. it's the imperialism and the fundamentalist groups, these are the real terrorists..

    "European intellectuals first developed formal theories of imperialism. In Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism (1916), V.I. Lenin said capitalism necessarily induced monopoly capitalism as imperialism to find new business and resources, representing the last and highest stage of capitalism.[12] The necessary expansion of capitalism beyond the boundaries of nation-states — a foundation of Leninism — was shared by Rosa Luxemburg (The Accumulation of Capital: A Contribution to an Economic Explanation of Imperialism[13]) and liberal philosopher Hannah Arendt.[14] Since then, Marxist scholars extended Lenin's theory to be synonymous with capitalist international trade and banking.[15]

    Although Karl Marx did not publish a theory of imperialism, he identified colonialism (cf. Das Kapital) as an aspect of the prehistory of the capitalist mode of production. Lenin's definition: "the highest stage of capitalism" addressed the time when monopoly finance capital was dominant, forcing nations and private corporations to compete to control the world's natural resources and markets.

    Marxist imperialism theory, and the related dependency theory, emphasise the economic relationships among countries (and within countries), rather than formal political and military relationships. Thus, imperialism is not necessarily direct formal control of one country by another, but the economic exploitation of one by another. This Marxism contrasts with the popular conception of imperialism, as directly-controlled colonial and neocolonial empires." from wikipedia.
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    Get your facts straight first:
    Who pulls the trigger?
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    Locking, the OP has already proclaimed an answer instead of setting the basis for a open minded discussion.
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