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B Who was the observer for the first 10 billion years?

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    If reality requires an observer, and life on Earth is only 3.8 billion years old- yet the universe is 13.8 billion years old, who was the observer for the first 10 billion years?
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    Reality does not require an observer.
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    So when we say "A particle has neither a definite position nor a definite velocity unless and until those quantities are measured by an observer" it doesn't mean for reality in general- just specific particles?
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    In the words of Tonto, "What you mean we?" I have never said such a thing, because it's not correct. A human observer is not required.
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    Ahh ok, I got the quote from a Stephen Hawking book, I thought it may just be the generally agreed upon stance?
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    Ohh yeah- and I never said human ;)
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    Then we are talking about quantum mechanics, not cosmology, and you should spend some time actually learning QM from a textbook.

    Which, since I'm assuming it was a pop science book (because Hawking doesn't say anything like this in any actual peer-reviewed literature), is not an acceptable source when you want to discuss the actual science. Thread closed.
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