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Why are all my rar downloads corrupt?

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    I used to have no problems downloading. Now almost every RAR file I download is corrupt. Even small rars. Some of them are fixed by RAR repair, a lot aren't.

    I downloaded a more recent version of winrar, it didn't help.

    What do you think is causing this? How can I fix this?
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    I sometimes have problems with files that have been zipped on Unix and unzipped on Windows. Could it be due to that?
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    And to add to this...

    If your internet connectivity is fine(that's another issue) there are several situations that can cause this.
    -It could be a server side issue. Try using a mirror site.
    -Check your firewall settings
    -Clean up your temp files and defrag while your at it(always run chkdsk before defrag)
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