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If like to ask about the locked threads. I see no insults or dangerous politics or religious issues in them. I was not able to understand why the moderator had locked them. Any ideas? Never seen
so many locked conversions on other forums.


If like to ask about the locked threads.
Which ones? We lock threads for a variety of reasons. DrClaude mentioned one of them. If you're referring to fairly recent threads, e.g. within the last year or two, then give us a few examples, and we might be able to comment on them.
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These are on the first page of general discussion.

Brain fogginess in the morning
Preserving information...
How did Einstein earn his PhD
Michio Kaku
Women in Physics
How near are we...
Knitting metaphor
Is the fututre...


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If you read those threads, keeping in mind the PF guidelines, it's not very hard to see why they would be locked. Further, the final post on a locked thread is often from a Mentor explaining why they are locking the thread (e.g. Michio Kaku was locked for being a necropost).

PF is somewhat more heavily moderated than other discussion forums on the internet. I appreciate all the work the Mentors do to keep PF to standards of excellence.

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