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Why are so many prison inmates in America gay?

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    I've heard and read several times in my life that approximately 50% of prison inmates in America are gay. However, only 5-10% of Americans are gay. Why are so homosexuals so overrepresented in the prison population in America?

    I wonder if stigmatization contributes to this.

    What do you think?
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    Humans are adaptive.
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    I doubt they would remain gay if they were let out into the public and could interact with women again.

    More importantly, they don't go in gay, so they aren't homosexuals by choice.
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    Whether one is gay or straight is immutable. It's not a choice. They do go in gay.
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    Man, you need to spend your time on more constructive thoughts...:rolleyes:
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    I'd venture that homosexuality despite the availability of members of the opposite sex is a very different behavior than homosexuality without their availability.

    - Warren
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    Agreed, I read a story about a man's prison life. He said you get so lonely and sex starved that most men that ingage in prison sex aren't "gay" and wouldn't be if they were released. The need for physical contact is so great they are "forced" into it.
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    I have never had a girlfriend. I still have never felt attracted to a man. Explain.
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    Have you been constrained in small cell for 20 years. It's more about the need for physical contact than gender.
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    Because an inmate might choose to temporarily have same gender sex does not make them a homosexual. The closest tag would be "bisexual, but it's likely to only be a way to get sexual gratification while locked up. Not their natural way of being.
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    Do you have any sources for this?

    Based on your previous posts, I'd venture to say you're a pretty weird guy. Maybe you're asexual?
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    I think that the stigmatization of homos leads to them being greatly overrepresented in prison. Here's a simplistic example: Few men are willing to knowingly hire a homosexual for a job. Few men want to work with a homosexual man. Therefore, homosexual men have a hard time making money. Therefore, homosexual men might rob someone since it's harder for them to get money from legitimate work.

    Yeah, yeah. Some men would knowingly hire a homosexual man for a job. Some men wouldn't mind working with a homosexual. The homosexual could stay in the closet or get hired without the boss knowing. blah blah...My point is that this could happen sometimes. There's a tendency for homosexuals to run into these types of problems more than straight men, IMHO.
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    Your conclusion is premature.

    I was a virgin until I was 26. I've never kissed a girl. I still have never felt attracted to a man.
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    Then why don't they use their hands instead?

    To me at least, my stigmatization theory is more compelling.
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    Never in my life have I heard any man or woman say that they turned gay because they were involuntarily celibate.

    I'm straight.
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    She was a butterface, huh?
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    Your theory is wrong.

    Most criminals are not gay. While there might be some "good ol' boys" out there that would illegally descriminate in hiring, I don't see it in large businesses. At my old company (one of the world's largest), the VP I worked for was gay, all but one of the men I worked with were gay, and these are all people making 6 figure incomes.
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    It's a conspiracy!

    THEY are the ones injecting rainbows underground, causing them ooze up and show up in our sprinklers!!!
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    No; a prostitute.
  21. Aug 18, 2008 #20
    While there might be some large companies that would not illegally discriminate in hiring, I don't see it in the majority of businesses.
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