Why are some elements conductors and magnetic, while others are not?

I am a bit unfamiliar on this subject, but I know it has to do with the movement of electrons. From what I know, each atom has its own electric charge, metals are good electric conductors because the atoms have good current, so the charges can move from atom to atom easier. My question is, what determines the way these charges move from atom to atom and how does this happen?


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You need to understand quantum mechanics for this one.

Just look into some solid-state physics books..all are explained there..

Just look into some solid-state physics books..all are explained there..
Sorry, probably didn't tell you the following:
- I am not in High School yet, therefore it is hard to obtain these books due to the library reserving them for actual High school students ( you need to provide proof your a high school student in order to check them out.
atomic model for conduction?

hi guys, do you know where can i find an atomic level model\graphic for the process of conduction.
I have cracked my head trying to visualize how EXACTLY is the energy being transferred and how does it vary with length,temp&area.


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Re: atomic model for conduction?

Open any solid state physics textbook, such as Kittel of Ashcroft and Mermin. You might want to start with the simplified model of the Drude model.


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