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Why are things blue shifted and not violet shifted?

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    If objects are moving away from us, they are known as red shifted, so why are objects moving towards us blue shifted and not violet shifted?
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    Semantics. Blue-shifted objects are not necessarily blue: an object emitting at 5 um moving towards us is still blue shifted even though it is way outside the visible spectrum.
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    "blue" and "red" are just labels used to denote upshift or downshift in frequency.
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    Oh ok, yeah I just thought it was odd since most elemtary school students even know that purple comes after blue using roygbiv. Thanks :]
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    I didn't know that.

    So acceleration of the object in relation to us alter wave length?

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    What? Entropee said nothing of the kind.
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    Actually, purple is not the same as violet. Violet is a spectral color consisting of wavelengths shorter than blue, but purple is a perceptual color seen only when both blue and red wavelengths are present.
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    Oh lol, my bad, I guess it's time for me to go back to Elementary school?
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    But what he said is right?

    I wanna know why!

    Edit: Ok so I guess I just got pretty inventive with lack of clear information. LOL
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