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Why can't we make a space elevator using Quantum Levitation?

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    Why can't we make a space elevator out of separate rings that are stacked over each other through Quantum Levitation?
    You know, have hollow rings that are quantum locked over each other, like in this video That way, the ladder freely moves around and changes shape, but would still be "intact". Transporting something would be done by putting it in a magnetic capsule, and then using super conductivity to get it all the way up the ladder? I have zero experience in anything space so bear with me..
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    Look how easily you can remove the superconductor from the magnet. I don't think an elevator would hold together.
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    What does "quantum locked" and "quantum levitation" mean? And if you mean magnetic levitation, possibly involving the Meissner effect, what makes you think this supports an arbitrary amount of weight?
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    Hello! Found this thread through interest and some research into the matter.

    Isn't it possible to increase the energy output into magnets, and thus you would "push"/"lift" the object upwards? (I personally have no idea, this is merely a hypothetical theory)

    There is distance between the superconducting object and the magnetic platform after all... so it is a question of proportions, is it not? How big would you have to build a magnetic platform to be capable of "lifting" something out into space, using this technology? Furthermore, is the superconducting object "weightless" in the state of quantum trapping/locking?

    If, for instance, we say that we have a superconducting object hovering above 1 square meters of a magnetic platform, and there's 100 square meters underground/under a door/surface/gate. Would the magnetic force be greater if one would open the gate 1 square meter? Or 2 square meters? Would it cause the superconducting object to rise, or would it stay "locked" in position?

    EDIT: I would suggest checking out more information about the matter on TEDTalks with Boaz Almog.
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