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I Why CERN Energy Level Seems Low?

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    I heard that Cern can give particles energy up to ##14TeV## which its like ##2.2430 × 10^{-6}##joules.But it seems so low energy...Why cant we give more energy ? What am I missing
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    Meir Achuz

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    That is energy per particle. A macroscopic object has [itex]\sim 10^{23}[/itex] particles.
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    Oh I see
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    The protons have up to 6.5 TeV (design: 7 TeV) each, a collision of two protons has a total energy of 13 TeV (design: 14 TeV).
    The total energy of all protons in the beams together is about 600 MJ.

    The energy per proton is limited by the magnetic field strength and the curvature radius. Increasing the radius would need a new tunnel (and a completely new accelerator), increasing the magnetic field strength would need very challenging magnet designs.
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