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Why do beds have springs in them?

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    I use to wonder why beds have springs in them. Was it because it is better for the back? No , a springless bed with an ordinary mattress is better for the back?

    Then I realised what it's for... love making.

    Is this correct? Why else would you have springs in beds?
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    Lol, is that all you want to know about? Love chemicals, beds, etc. LOL
    Yeah, the springs are so your neighbors, housemates, etc. know what your are doing. Ha ha ha
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    Ivan Seeking

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    There is a more basic issue of comfort. You may like sleeping on a mattress supported by a hard surface, but other people find that to be too firm. And as people get older this can become more of an issue. Springs were chosen because the gauge can be selected for a specific levels of support [stiffness] and because they retain their shape over long periods of time. Something like rubber [once used] loses its shape relatively quickly.
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    Well, I know a lot more than that. I was just curious.
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    There are people here that share differences of hobbies and professions.

    I will use me as an example,(sticking to the bio track), I know quite a bit about "strange" occurrences that occur in the boyhood, I mainly read these in books and articles.....

    But as you will find out, I am not interested in "boyhoods" and the "strange" occurrences, but find it important to know these things.

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