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  1. F

    I How does a Western free reed work? (musical instruments)

    In this post, I will describe, as best I have been able to determine, how a Western free reed works. As it is unlikely I will run into a physicist here who specializes in reeds, I will just ask people to speculate on the behavior of a reed given what you know about fluid dynamics or the...
  2. jschim

    Oscillating Spring in a Frictionless pulley system

    1. Draw Free body Diagram for each weight. 2. Solve for Tension in Rope. 3. Find Spring Constant. 4. Find omega (w, or angular velocity)
  3. Kaushik

    The ratio of compression of springs from three different setups

    I got the compression for the first one. Second one, i am a bit confused. But i got ## x_2 = \frac{F}{2k} ## In the third one, what will the compression be? I have to get the ratio ## x_2 : x_3 ## . Then i will be able to get my answer. Thanks.
  4. S

    Find v(x) of a mass suspended from a spring

    Hi all, I have a problem that I've been grappling with for the past 2 hours. I was confident at first that I found the correct solution, but when I tried to verify I didn't have a constant in my v(x) function. Here is my attempt: I appreciate your help kind internet strangers!
  5. srecarey

    Diatomic Molecules

  6. J

    Looking for some help realting to spring energy changes

    Homework Statement Homework Equations EPE (elastic potential energy) = 1/2kx^2 GPE (gravitational potential energy) = mgh The Attempt at a Solution my attempt, [/B] I feel like ive made progress considering the...
  7. jybe

    Spring constant of a car on springs

    Homework Statement When four people with a combined mass of 325 kg sit down in a 2000-kg car, they find that their weight compresses the springs an additional 0.55 cm. A) What is the effective force constant of the springs? B) The four people get out of the car and bounce it up and down. What...
  8. G

    3 Springs and 2 Masses

    Homework Statement Two masses (M1 and M2) are connected together by 3 springs. The spring constants are k1, k2, k3. Block 1 is at equilibrium at x=0. Block 2 is at equilibrium at x=1. Determine a function for the force on the blocks. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Without...
  9. Nayef

    Effect of the load sequence on the deformation of a spring

    Consider a spring balance with no initial deflection. Let an object of mass 'm' be attached to it. We allow the spring to come into equlibrium, and 'd' is the deflection at this eqb position. We add another object of mass 'M', while m is also present, so that the final position is x, and hence...
  10. Stella Ch

    I Entropic springs and Hooke's springs -- differences?

    Hey, What is the difference between an entropic spring and a Hooke's spring? What is the Young's modulus relationship with temperature in each case? Thank you
  11. SilverJW

    Bicep curling spring device questions

    Dear Forum, Please advice. I have a project where I'll be implementing a device that helps with Bicep Curls, adding resistance to it. So I have an idea with 2 pieces of guards, one on the forearm and one on the biceps, it will be conjoined through a latch in the middle which will rest in...
  12. ubergewehr273

    Problem about an impulse and a spring

    Homework Statement The attached image. Homework Equations Momentum conservation Conservation of mechanical energy The Attempt at a Solution I tried conserving momentum, ##P=mv_{1} + Mv_{2}## and then conserving M.E., P^2/(2m)=1/2##mv_1{1}^2## + 1/2##Mv_{2}^2## After that I can't seem to...
  13. Kaura

    Disc Golf Launcher

    For my Engineering class I have to work with three other people to design a device that launchers a disc golf. So far we have a basic design plan but we are unsure if it is actually viable. Essentially there will be a platform that holds the disc in place and will be propelled by 2 to 4...
  14. Jesus Ibarra

    Total elongation of differently shaped "springs"

    Hello! First of all, my field is not Mechanical Engineering but Nanotechnology so I apologize if I use very basic terms. I am currently working on the design of an in-plane optical MEMS accelerometer. The idea is: a waveguide is built within the structure so that when the MEMS is accelerated...
  15. H

    Find the time when the spring reaches its max height

    Homework Statement Homework Equations f = Spring's constant * ##\Delta x## Potential Energy = ##\frac{1}{2} kx^2## The Attempt at a Solution I try to find constant of the springs Fabove + Fbelow - W = 0 k*(0,2 m) + k*(0,2m) - ##\frac{1}{2}## * 9,8 = 0 0,4k = 4,9 k = 12,25 N/m can I use...
  16. S

    Springs and Splitting Mass Concept Confusion

    Am I thinking about this problem correctly? "A block is attached to a horizontal spring and oscillates back and forth on a frictionless horizontal surface at a frequency of 3 Hz. The amplitude of the motion is 5.08 x 10-2 m. At the point where the block has its maximum speed, it suddenly splits...
  17. S

    Spring Question -- A mass falls onto a spring compressing it...

    Homework Statement An object with a mass of 6kg falls 1.8m onto a spring with a spring constant of 2x10^3 N/m. At that instant, the velocity of the object is 4m/s. What is the compression of the spring and the max displacements of the spring. m = 6kg v = 4m/s h = 1.8m k = 2x10^3N/m Homework...
  18. A

    Spring angles at static equilibrium on application of force

    Homework Statement Two linear springs with stiffness Kh, Kv are attached to a single mass m at right angle to each other, i.e; one of the spring(Kh) is in the horizontal direction(x-axis) and the other(Kv) is in the vertical direction(y-axis). A constant force F is being applied to the mass...
  19. S

    B What is meant by natural frequency?

    An object only undergoes an oscillation when I act on it. If I push a spring, it will have a certain frequency, and if I push a different way, it will have a different one. What is meant by natural frequency? What is meant by resonance?
  20. H

    Adjustable Torsion springs

    Hi, Is there anything like adjustable torsion spring, even if it is non-helical spring based (such as say hydraulic or pneumatic). As in you can change their stiffness/spring rate? I know that there are so many videos on adjustable springs on garage doors but I think all they do is adjust...
  21. AsadaShino92

    Potential energy of a displaced mass on a spring

    Homework Statement A spring of negligible mass exerts a restoring force on a point mass M given by F(x)= (-k1x)+(k2x^2) where k1 and k2 >0. Calculate the potential energy U(x) stored in the spring for a displacement x. Take U=0 at x=0. Homework Equations ΔU=∫F(x)dx U=½kx^2 The Attempt at a...
  22. L

    I Spring within a spring

    So I am doing tensile testing on an elastic electrical lead for biomedical purposes. The lead is encapsulated in an elastic tubing. Now the lead acts like a weak spring itself (coiled wire). I'm curious, if there are two springs with different k constants "within" each-other (one inside the...
  23. D

    Work and Energy

    Homework Statement Masses A and B, each having a mass of 32.2 slugs, are constrained to move in frictionless slots. They are connected by a rigid, massless rod of length L = 2 ft. Mass B is connected to two massless linear springs, each having a spring constant k = 60 lbF / ft. The springs are...
  24. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Help with coefficients matrix in spring system

    Homework Statement The system is a spring with constant 3k hanging from a ceiling with a mass m attached to it, then attached to that mass another spring with constant 2k and another mass m attached to that. So spring -> mass -> spring ->mass. Find the normal modes and characteristic system...
  25. B

    Disappearing energy from a series connection of coupled oscillators

    I have been having trouble getting the calculation of energy for a chain of coupled oscillators to come out correctly. The program was run in Matlab and is intended to calculate the energy of a system of connected Hooke's law oscillators. Right now there is only stiffness and no dampening...
  26. W

    Can someone explain this derivation?

    Homework Statement I've been looking at examples of motion derivations for my class, and it's honestly just very confusing. I heard Dynamics should prep you for this but I must have had a very poor course because we never had to understand geometry and physics to this degree... Homework...
  27. W

    Is the derivative in my textbook correct here?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations d/dx The Attempt at a Solution d/dx (T) = d/dx(1/2mx'2) = mx'' d/dx(U) = d/dx(1/2kx2) = kx' ≠ kx It's probably me who made an error because I know that that equation (2.3) is the one I should be getting, but I don't understand how they did it because...
  28. R

    Maximum speed of a cylinder dropped on a spring

    Homework Statement Cylinder A (mass = 5kg) is released from rest at a height h =100mm above a spring of stiffness k = 1.8 kN/m. Determine, (i) the maximum compression of the spring, (ii) the spring deflection when the cylinder’s velocity is a maximum, and, (iii) the maximum velocity of the...
  29. V

    Stable equilibrium of a 4 mass, 6 spring system

    Homework Statement I am making a physics engine for my computer science class and couldn't figure out how to get the spring/mass system to come to equilibrium into a box-like shape such as the one on the left. I can understand why the one on the right is in equilibrium but I don't know how to...
  30. RicardoMP

    Normal Modes and Normal Frequencies

    Homework Statement I have to determine the frequencies of the normal modes of oscillation for the system I've uploaded. Homework Equations [/B] I determined the following differential equations for the coupled system: \ddot{x_A}+2(\omega_0^2+\tilde{\omega_0}^2)x_A-\omega_0^2x_B = 0...