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Hot Springs is a resort city in the state of Arkansas and the county seat of Garland County. The city is located in the Ouachita Mountains among the U.S. Interior Highlands, and is set among several natural hot springs for which the city is named. As of the 2010 United States Census, the city had a population of 35,193. In 2019 the estimated population was 38,797.The center of Hot Springs is the oldest federal reserve in the United States, today preserved as Hot Springs National Park. The hot spring water has been popularly believed for centuries to possess healing properties, and was a subject of legend among several Native American tribes. Following federal protection in 1832, the city developed into a successful spa town. Incorporated January 10, 1851, the city has been home to Major League Baseball spring training, illegal gambling, speakeasies and gangsters such as Al Capone, horse racing at Oaklawn Park, the Army and Navy Hospital, and 42nd President Bill Clinton. One of the largest Pentecostal denominations in the United States, the Assemblies of God, traces its beginnings to Hot Springs.
Today, much of Hot Springs's history is preserved by various government entities. Hot Springs National Park is maintained by the National Park Service, including Bathhouse Row, which preserves the eight historic bathhouse buildings and gardens along Central Avenue. Downtown Hot Springs is preserved as the Central Avenue Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city also contains dozens of historic hotels and motor courts, built during the Great Depression in the Art Deco style. Due to the popularity of the thermal waters, Hot Springs benefited from rapid growth during a period when many cities saw a sharp decline in building; much like Miami's art deco districts. As a result, Hot Springs's architecture is a key part of the city's blend of cultures, including a reputation as a tourist town and a Southern city. Also a destination for the arts, Hot Springs features the Hot Springs Music Festival, Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and the Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival annually.

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  1. Elaren

    Final velocity of a block on a spring pulled downhill

    Note: wording is ambiguous so I assumed spring started from equilibrium, in which case it stretches as we go downslope. Final height (at lower point on slope) is 0. Distance along slope = Distance the spring stretches = d= ##s_f## = ##2/cos{\theta}## =2.13 Height change = h = ##2 tan{\theta}##...
  2. M

    Nonlinear spring made from many different linear springs in series?

    Can I create a nonlinear spring, for a nonlinear oscillator, by putting many linear springs in series and parallel?
  3. B

    2 Carts on a Track Compressed by a Spring -- What are their Velocities?

    a)What is the total energy in the system? Only energy acting on the system assuming the track is level and there is no potential energy of the carts, is the potential energy of the spring. Comes out to 7.8125 using the potential energy of a spring equation. b) What are their velocities if the...
  4. F

    How does a Western free reed work? (musical instruments)

    In this post, I will describe, as best I have been able to determine, how a Western free reed works. As it is unlikely I will run into a physicist here who specializes in reeds, I will just ask people to speculate on the behavior of a reed given what you know about fluid dynamics or the...
  5. jschim

    Oscillating Spring in a Frictionless pulley system

    1. Draw Free body Diagram for each weight. 2. Solve for Tension in Rope. 3. Find Spring Constant. 4. Find omega (w, or angular velocity)
  6. Kaushik

    The ratio of compression of springs from three different setups

    I got the compression for the first one. Second one, i am a bit confused. But i got ## x_2 = \frac{F}{2k} ## In the third one, what will the compression be? I have to get the ratio ## x_2 : x_3 ## . Then i will be able to get my answer. Thanks.
  7. S

    Find v(x) of a mass suspended from a spring

    Hi all, I have a problem that I've been grappling with for the past 2 hours. I was confident at first that I found the correct solution, but when I tried to verify I didn't have a constant in my v(x) function. Here is my attempt: I appreciate your help kind internet strangers!
  8. srecarey

    Diatomic Molecules

  9. J

    Looking for some help realting to spring energy changes

    Homework Statement https://imgur.com/gallery/PQx8SmX Homework Equations EPE (elastic potential energy) = 1/2kx^2 GPE (gravitational potential energy) = mgh The Attempt at a Solution my attempt, https://imgur.com/gallery/lJDhwqD [/B] I feel like I've made progress considering the...
  10. jybe

    Spring constant of a car on springs

    Homework Statement When four people with a combined mass of 325 kg sit down in a 2000-kg car, they find that their weight compresses the springs an additional 0.55 cm. A) What is the effective force constant of the springs? B) The four people get out of the car and bounce it up and down. What...
  11. G

    3 Springs and 2 Masses

    Homework Statement Two masses (M1 and M2) are connected together by 3 springs. The spring constants are k1, k2, k3. Block 1 is at equilibrium at x=0. Block 2 is at equilibrium at x=1. Determine a function for the force on the blocks. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Without...
  12. Nayef

    Effect of the load sequence on the deformation of a spring

    Consider a spring balance with no initial deflection. Let an object of mass 'm' be attached to it. We allow the spring to come into equlibrium, and 'd' is the deflection at this eqb position. We add another object of mass 'M', while m is also present, so that the final position is x, and hence...
  13. Stella Ch

    Entropic springs and Hooke's springs -- differences?

    Hey, What is the difference between an entropic spring and a Hooke's spring? What is the Young's modulus relationship with temperature in each case? Thank you
  14. SilverJW

    Bicep curling spring device questions

    Dear Forum, Please advice. I have a project where I'll be implementing a device that helps with Bicep Curls, adding resistance to it. So I have an idea with 2 pieces of guards, one on the forearm and one on the biceps, it will be conjoined through a latch in the middle which will rest in...
  15. ubergewehr273

    Problem about an impulse and a spring

    Homework Statement The attached image. Homework Equations Momentum conservation Conservation of mechanical energy The Attempt at a Solution I tried conserving momentum, ##P=mv_{1} + Mv_{2}## and then conserving M.E., P^2/(2m)=1/2##mv_1{1}^2## + 1/2##Mv_{2}^2## After that I can't seem to...
  16. Kaura

    Disc Golf Launcher

    For my Engineering class I have to work with three other people to design a device that launchers a disc golf. So far we have a basic design plan but we are unsure if it is actually viable. Essentially there will be a platform that holds the disc in place and will be propelled by 2 to 4...
  17. Jesus Ibarra

    Total elongation of differently shaped "springs"

    Hello! First of all, my field is not Mechanical Engineering but Nanotechnology so I apologize if I use very basic terms. I am currently working on the design of an in-plane optical MEMS accelerometer. The idea is: a waveguide is built within the structure so that when the MEMS is accelerated...
  18. H

    Find the time when the spring reaches its max height

    Homework Statement Homework Equations f = Spring's constant * ##\Delta x## Potential Energy = ##\frac{1}{2} kx^2## The Attempt at a Solution I try to find constant of the springs Fabove + Fbelow - W = 0 k*(0,2 m) + k*(0,2m) - ##\frac{1}{2}## * 9,8 = 0 0,4k = 4,9 k = 12,25 N/m can I use...
  19. S

    Springs and Splitting Mass Concept Confusion

    Am I thinking about this problem correctly? "A block is attached to a horizontal spring and oscillates back and forth on a frictionless horizontal surface at a frequency of 3 Hz. The amplitude of the motion is 5.08 x 10-2 m. At the point where the block has its maximum speed, it suddenly splits...
  20. S

    Spring Question -- A mass falls onto a spring compressing it....

    Homework Statement An object with a mass of 6kg falls 1.8m onto a spring with a spring constant of 2x10^3 N/m. At that instant, the velocity of the object is 4m/s. What is the compression of the spring and the max displacements of the spring. m = 6kg v = 4m/s h = 1.8m k = 2x10^3N/m Homework...
  21. A

    Spring angles at static equilibrium on application of force

    Homework Statement Two linear springs with stiffness Kh, Kv are attached to a single mass m at right angle to each other, i.e; one of the spring(Kh) is in the horizontal direction(x-axis) and the other(Kv) is in the vertical direction(y-axis). A constant force F is being applied to the mass...
  22. S

    What is meant by natural frequency?

    An object only undergoes an oscillation when I act on it. If I push a spring, it will have a certain frequency, and if I push a different way, it will have a different one. What is meant by natural frequency? What is meant by resonance?
  23. H

    Adjustable Torsion springs

    Hi, Is there anything like adjustable torsion spring, even if it is non-helical spring based (such as say hydraulic or pneumatic). As in you can change their stiffness/spring rate? I know that there are so many videos on adjustable springs on garage doors but I think all they do is adjust...
  24. AsadaShino92

    Potential energy of a displaced mass on a spring

    Homework Statement A spring of negligible mass exerts a restoring force on a point mass M given by F(x)= (-k1x)+(k2x^2) where k1 and k2 >0. Calculate the potential energy U(x) stored in the spring for a displacement x. Take U=0 at x=0. Homework Equations ΔU=∫F(x)dx U=½kx^2 The Attempt at a...
  25. L

    Spring within a spring

    So I am doing tensile testing on an elastic electrical lead for biomedical purposes. The lead is encapsulated in an elastic tubing. Now the lead acts like a weak spring itself (coiled wire). I'm curious, if there are two springs with different k constants "within" each-other (one inside the...
  26. D

    Work and Energy

    Homework Statement Masses A and B, each having a mass of 32.2 slugs, are constrained to move in frictionless slots. They are connected by a rigid, massless rod of length L = 2 ft. Mass B is connected to two massless linear springs, each having a spring constant k = 60 lbF / ft. The springs are...
  27. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Help with coefficients matrix in spring system

    Homework Statement The system is a spring with constant 3k hanging from a ceiling with a mass m attached to it, then attached to that mass another spring with constant 2k and another mass m attached to that. So spring -> mass -> spring ->mass. Find the normal modes and characteristic system...
  28. B

    Disappearing energy from a series connection of coupled oscillators

    I have been having trouble getting the calculation of energy for a chain of coupled oscillators to come out correctly. The program was run in Matlab and is intended to calculate the energy of a system of connected Hooke's law oscillators. Right now there is only stiffness and no dampening...
  29. W

    Can someone explain this derivation?

    Homework Statement I've been looking at examples of motion derivations for my class, and it's honestly just very confusing. I heard Dynamics should prep you for this but I must have had a very poor course because we never had to understand geometry and physics to this degree... Homework...
  30. W

    Is the derivative in my textbook correct here?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations d/dx The Attempt at a Solution d/dx (T) = d/dx(1/2mx'2) = mx'' d/dx(U) = d/dx(1/2kx2) = kx' ≠ kx It's probably me who made an error because I know that that equation (2.3) is the one I should be getting, but I don't understand how they did it because...
  31. R

    Maximum speed of a cylinder dropped on a spring

    Homework Statement Cylinder A (mass = 5kg) is released from rest at a height h =100mm above a spring of stiffness k = 1.8 kN/m. Determine, (i) the maximum compression of the spring, (ii) the spring deflection when the cylinder’s velocity is a maximum, and, (iii) the maximum velocity of the...
  32. V

    Stable equilibrium of a 4 mass, 6 spring system

    Homework Statement I am making a physics engine for my computer science class and couldn't figure out how to get the spring/mass system to come to equilibrium into a box-like shape such as the one on the left. I can understand why the one on the right is in equilibrium but I don't know how to...
  33. RicardoMP

    Normal Modes and Normal Frequencies

    Homework Statement I have to determine the frequencies of the normal modes of oscillation for the system I've uploaded. Homework Equations [/B] I determined the following differential equations for the coupled system: \ddot{x_A}+2(\omega_0^2+\tilde{\omega_0}^2)x_A-\omega_0^2x_B = 0...
  34. Z

    Finding mass of an object on a spring, given Frequency

    Homework Statement A mass m at the end of a spring oscillates with a frequency of 0.84 Hz . When an additional 730 g mass is added to m, the frequency is 0.65 Hz . Homework Equations f*2pi = w w = (k/m)^1/2 f = (1/2pi)*(k/m)^1/2 The Attempt at a Solution I simply used the third equation...
  35. O

    Questions Regarding this system -- 2 blocks and a spring on a frictionless surface

    It's not a homework/coursework question but I did get the system from my textbook. http://puu.sh/o03h7/32cdf7cffb.jpg [Broken] I solved the question by analyzing the system at different stages. Initially both objects are moving with a velocity and having some mass so their kinetic energies are...
  36. heartshapedbox

    Determining equilibrium position between two springs

    Homework Statement see attachment ***indicates correct answer Homework Equations F=ks The Attempt at a Solution I do not understand how this works, and I haven't been able to find any examples of this.
  37. A

    Simple harmonic motion: mass on a spring is hit by a bullet

    Homework Statement A 4.0kg block is suspended from a spring with force constant of 500N/m. A 50g bullet is fired into the block from directly below with a speed of 150m/s and is imbedded in the block. Find the amplitude of the resulting simple harmonic motion. Homework Equations F=-kx...
  38. AsadaShino92

    Harmonic motion with damping

    Homework Statement An object of mass 0.2kg is hung from a spring whose spring constant is 80N/m. The object is subject to a resistive force given by -bv, where v is it's velocity in meters per second. If the damped frequency is √(3)/2 of the undamped frequency, what is the value of b...
  39. R

    Amplitude and Vibrations in Springs

    Homework Statement The amplitude of vibration of a mass on a horizontal spring experiencing SHM is = 0.13m. The mass is 85g and the force constant is 55N/m. a) What is the maximum elastic potential energy of the system. b) Find the speed of the mass when it's position is x = 7.4cm from the...
  40. B

    Projectile Motion spring launch

    Homework Statement I am trying to find the force needed from a spring to launch a mass of 800g to a length of 0.875m. This launch would be at the optimum angle of 45º. I am aware of all projectile motion equations but am having difficulty linking them to force and thus solving the problem...
  41. Thom_Silva

    A Rotating motor compressing a spring

    Hello, I've recently came across this video (), where the authors use a motor to compress springs and therefore achieve locomotion. I've been thinking why is there a resulting downward net force. But i can't really figure it out. Thank you for time :) See the video from 1.16 minutes and...
  42. Nicholas Morse

    How to determine length of a spring

    Hi Everyone, Kind of a tough question here. How do I determine the length of a spring if we don't have any visual information about it? All we have is the spring rate & change of object position from when the spring is uncoiled, to fully coiled. Anyone have any ideas on this? I tried the...
  43. Mayzu

    Maximum extension of a bungee cord

    Homework Statement (a) An 81 kg student is launched from a bridge by his best friends, some 50 metres above the river surface. Fortunately, he is attached to a 30 m bungee cord with a spring constant of 270 N/m. i) What is the equilibrium length of the bungee cord, including the force of...
  44. O

    Find the amplitude of the resulting simple harmonic motions

    Homework Statement An 8.0 lb block is suspended from a spring with a force constant of 3.0 lb/ in. A bullet weighing 0.10 lb is fired into the block from below with a speed of 500 ft/sec and comes to rest in the block. a) Find the amplitude of the resulting simple harmonic motions b) What...
  45. K

    Mass attached to a spring

    Homework Statement I have a physics midterm on Wednesday and I'm doing some practice problems to prepare. On one of them, I'm getting an answer that is extremely close to the answer my TA gave me for the problem and I can't tell if it's rounding or if I'm missing something. A mass is attached...
  46. Essence

    Why does the force of a spring = -kx

    I know this is an idealization, but I'm wondering if there is a reason this idealization works so well. Is it related to the coil of the spring or the bonds between each atom in the spring? I have considered using ## F = \frac{kq_1q_2Nsin\left(\theta \right)}{r^2} ## Where: ##...
  47. Kevin Spacey

    Describing how to make a standing wave?

    I'm struggling in physics class, and I really need help with this question. "If you are holding a spring in your hand and making waves, describe how to make a standing wave at the 2nd resonance frequency (next frequency over the fundamental). Include a sketch with your answer." What does this...
  48. M

    Rotational Spring Arbitrary Motion

    What I want to do is model the rotational behaviour of two bodies (1 and 2). They are connected by three virtual rotational springs (representing a link between them). For a normal (translational) spring the forces on body 1 in X, Y, and Z would be easily calculated as: $$ \mathbf{F}_1 =...
  49. R

    Force of a spring

    Homework Statement What force is necessary to stretch a spring 48 cm, if the spring constant is 270 N/m? Homework Equations 1/2kx^2 The Attempt at a Solution tried plugging everything into equation and got 31 but it is wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  50. R

    An advanced two spring weighing machine

    Homework Statement A more sophisticated weighing machine contains two springs. The effect of these is that the machine is more sensitive to masses less than some fixed value M0 than it is to greater masses. The equilibrium displacement is alpha1*M when M<M0, and (alpha2+c) when M≥M0 , where...