Why Do Centrioles Exist in Pairs?

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I notice that centrioles always exist in pair. May I know why?
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Simplest answer - centrioles are the points of attachment of the fibers that pull apart the pairs of chromosomes - these are spindle fibers. Centrioles are in pairs because two separate points of attachment are required -> one for each daughter cell. Each daughter gets a copy of the duplicated chromosomes during mitosis.
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Thanks, I get it now :)

1. Why do centrioles exist in pairs?

Centrioles exist in pairs because they are essential for cell division. During cell division, the centrioles duplicate and move to opposite ends of the cell, forming the poles of the cell's mitotic spindle. This is necessary for the proper separation of chromosomes and the formation of two daughter cells.

2. Do all cells have centrioles?

No, not all cells have centrioles. Centrioles are only found in animal cells, while plant cells and some single-celled organisms do not have centrioles. However, these cells have similar structures that perform the same function, such as basal bodies in plant cells and flagella in single-celled organisms.

3. How do centrioles contribute to cell structure?

Centrioles play a crucial role in organizing the cell's cytoskeleton. They help to anchor and align microtubules, which are long, hollow fibers that give the cell structure and facilitate movement. Centrioles also aid in the formation of cilia and flagella, which are hair-like structures that assist in movement and sensing the cell's environment.

4. Can centrioles function independently?

No, centrioles cannot function independently. They work together as a pair to coordinate the cell division process. Without both centrioles, the mitotic spindle would not form correctly, resulting in errors in cell division and potentially harmful mutations in the daughter cells.

5. What happens if centrioles are damaged or missing?

If centrioles are damaged or missing, the cell may experience issues with cell division, leading to improper separation of chromosomes and genetic abnormalities. This can potentially result in cell death or the development of diseases such as cancer. Additionally, the cell may have difficulty with movement and structure without properly functioning centrioles.

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